Linkrundschau – die besten Links der Woche


Soccer Prints by Stanley Chow : hier

The Man With The Iron Fists – Trailer: hier

Anti-Fremdgeh Ehering: hier

Facebook Ice Cream For Facebook Addicts With A Sweet Tooth: BitRebels

Skrillex in South America: youtube

Pyura Chilensis, the living rock: Boing Boing

Google-Brille kommt nächstes Jahr für 1500 Dollar: Gizmodo

Italian Farmers Show Their Love For Mario Balotelli: facebook

17 Sad, Haunting Photos Of Neighborhoods Destroyed By Colorado Wildfires: Buzzfeed

Scenes From The First „Miss Holocaust Survivor“ Pageant: Buzzfeed

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Ziemlich ruhig hier !.sas