Mafia Interieur Design

Der Guardian hat eine Bilderstrecke aus einer Villa eines kürzlich hochgenommenen Mafia Paten. Vorraussetzung eines Dons ist offensichtlich ein ausgesprochen spezieller Geschmack.

„Chaise longues with silver-coloured frames sit before a massive portrait of what appears to be an ancient Roman. On the staircase, avant garde ceiling lights illuminate old-fashioned bannisters and a glass cabinet of religious statues, while the bedroom cupboards are full of shellsuit tops featuring coats of arms. One of the five bathrooms features floor-to-ceiling glass mosaics from Murano.

The villa is the flashiest seen locally since another Schiavone family member, Walter, ordered an architect to build a replica of the villa in Scarface, in which Tony Montana dies in a hail of gunfire.“

Capo di tutto tacky: Italian mobster’s luxury villa seized, Fotos: Criminal? Italian mafia interior tastes exposed – in pictures (via Boing Boing)

Foto: Felice De Martino/Ansa

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