Pablo Escobar Sticker-Album

 In Kolumbien haben sie ein Sticker-Album zu El Patrón Pablo Escobar verboten. Kartenspiele mit Atomreaktoren oder Killern sind ja voll 2008, ich hätte in Zukunft gerne Sammelalben zu Mushrooms oder Gangstern. Snip vom Guardian:

The 20-page sticker album – which promises prizes such as an MP3 player, a basketball and a watch for those who collect a full set of stickers – was inspired by a television series currently airing on national television which chronicles the life of Escobar, who was gunned down on a rooftop in 1993.

The album, sold for the equivalent of 7p in small corner stores of the city’s poorest neighbourhoods, is filled with images from the television programme and collectors must match stickers, which sell for about 3.5p for four, with the images. Though the albums are in hot demand, city officials announced on Wednesday they would ban the distribution of the sticker books. Sergio Zuluaga, of the Medellín mayor’s office, called the albums a “justification of crime” in a book aimed at children.



Colombia: Escobar sticker book banned von euronews-en

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